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Just like our bodies need regular care so do our instruments.  Normal wear and tear and the occasional accident cause our instruments to not sound or play their best.  Regular maintenance helps prevent larger problems from surfacing down the road.  Sometimes our tastes change. Upgrades can help our instruments sound and fit our playing styles better.

Some examples of the work I do:

We forget that our guitars are made of an organic material that changes and moves with temperature and humidity.  At the same time they are subject to great stresses from string tension and being played.  Necks and hardwear shift and parts wear over time.  Come in for a SETUP and I will go over your guitar head to toe and make sure everything is clean and in good working order and make the adjustments necessary for it to play as comfortably as possible
Fret Work

Frets are the heart of the playing experience.  If they are out of alignment it can cause  unpleasant buzzing or poor sounding notes result.  As the neck moves the frets can shift or wear can make portions of the neck unpleasant at best or unplayable at worst. Leveling or replacing frets can correct that subtle but important geometry necessary for a great feel and sound.  I take great care in making sure the fretting surface is optimal.

Structural Repairs
Accidents, time, the environment take their toll on our instruments.   Humidity can cause joints to shift and loosen or a top to crack.  Stresses of string tension can cause deformation.  An enthusiastic dance move can knock a guitar off its stand.  Structural repairs need to be performed to arrest the damage and return the guitar to playable condition as soon as possible.
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